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1st Ettingshall Beavers
Beavers are the youngest member of the Scouting family aged between 5 ¾ and 8 years young, forming a group called a Colony which can be split into smaller groups called Lodges. The main leader in charge of the Beaver colony is called Brown Beaver. Beavers meet weekly and participate in different types of activities and work towards a variety of different badges for Beavers to achieve. Achieving these badges involves all sorts like, creating things, playing games, going out on visits, investigating nature, listening to stories but most important making new friends and having fun. To achieve certain badges Beaver Scouts maybe required to take part in sleep overs and attend trips with the Colony. Beaver Scout Colony is open to all children of all competence and ethnics.

The Beaver Scout Promise

I promise to do my best
To be kind and helpful
And to love God.

The Beaver Scout Motto

Be prepared

The Beaver Scout Uniform

At 1st Ettingshall all Beavers are required to own a Beaver jumper to be invested and in which they can sew the badges they earn upon. This can be purchased from any outlet that sells official scout uniform. To be invested they also need to purchase a neckerchief which can only be purchased through our scout group. There is also many other optional extras that they can wear such as scout trousers, t-shirts, hats and many more for a full list please look at the scout online shop under the uniform section or the clothing section.

Beaver Jumper

The Beaver Scout Badges

As a Beaver you will have the opportunity to gain any of the badges available to you from the 3 areas which are the activity badges, challenge badges and staged badges. Some of the badges are to be achieved from the work and activities you do at Beavers whilst others are achievable from what work you do outside of Scouting. For some of the badges available to do outside of Scouting please check the resources page to find downloadable packs containing information on how these badges are achievable and then bring along the evidence to your weekly meeting. If you feel you may have completed any badge in or outside of scouting and it has not been recognised please discuss it with a leader. Listed below are all the badges available to gain as a Beaver Scout and where they should be sewn onto your jumper.

Beaver's Badge PositionsBeaver's Badge Positions

Beaver Scout Badges

(Badges with a * can be achieved outside of scouting)
Activity Badges
Adventure Adventure Activity Badges
Air Activities Adventure Activity Badge
Animal Friend* Animal Friend Activity Badge
Camp Craft Camp Craft Activity Badge
Collector* Collector Activity Badge
Communicator Communicator Activity Badge
Creative Creative Activity Badge
Cyclist Cyclist Activity badge
Disability Awareness Disability Awareness Activity Badge
Experiment Experiment Activity Badge
Explore Explore Activity Badge
Faith Faith Activity Badge
Gardener* Gardener Activity Badge
Health and Fitness Health and Fitness Activity Badge
Healthy Eating Healthy Eating Activity Badge
Hobbies* Hobbies Activity Badge
Imagination Imagination Activity Badge
Photographer* Photographer Activity Badge
Saftey Saftey Activity Badge
Space Space Activity Badge
Sports* Sports Activity Badge
Challenge Awards
Chief Scouts Bronze Chief Scouts Bronze Award
Creative Creative Challenge Award
Fitness Fitness Challenge Award
Friendship Friendship Challenge Award
Global Global Challenge Award
Outdoor Outdoor Challenge Award
Promise Promise Challenge Award
Staged Activity Badges
Emergency Aid Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Hikes Away Hikes Away Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Information Technology Information Technology Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Musician* Musician Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Nights Away Nights Away Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Swimmer* Swimmer Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Time On The Water Time on the Water staged Activity Badge
Partnership Awards
Environment Environment Partnership Award
Faith Faith Partnership Award
International International Partnership Award




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