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Scouts are the 3rd oldest members in the Scouting family aged between 10 ½ and 14 years young, forming a group which is called a Troop. A Troop can be split up into smaller groups called Patrols, each individual Patrol group is led by an older Scout called a Patrol Leader. Also each Patrol group is named after an animal of the Scout Leader’s discretion. Scouts are adequate enough to be able to take part in a much wider range of activities and more opportunities which all contribute to an even larger choice of badges. Scouts regularly go camping because it is highly important that a Scout takes part in and puts in use traditional scouting skills outdoors such as practising survival, cooking or other adventurous activities. Scouting doesn’t just gives you the knowledge of camping in the outdoors but it also teaches you about important life skills such as fire safety, first aid, cooking and many more. Like Beavers and Cubs, Scouts still get many opportunities to visit and participate in outdoor/indoor activities outside within Scouting as a Troop. Scouts learn how to increase their abilities, strengthen friendships, and have fun and honour the Scout Law.
Scout Symbol

The Scout Promise

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best To do my duty to god and to the queen To help other people And to keep the Scout Law

The Scout Law

A Scout is to be trusted.

A Scout is loyal.

A Scout is friendly and considerate.

A Scout belongs to the world wide family of Scouts.

A Scout has courage in all difficulties.

A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.

A Scout has self-respect and respect for others.


The Scout Moto

Be Prepared


The Scout Uniform

At 1st Ettingshall all Scouts are required to own a Scout shirt and a official Scout belt to be invested and in which they can sew the badges they earn upon. This can be purchased from any outlet that sells official scout uniform. To be invested they also need to purchase a neckerchief which can only be purchased through our scout group. There is also many other optional extras that they can wear such as scout trousers, t-shirts, hats and many more for a full list please look at the scout online shop under the uniform section or the clothing section.

Scout Shirt

Scout belt

The Scout Badges

As a Scout you will have the opportunity to gain any of the badges available to you from the 3 areas which are the activity badges, challenge badges and staged badges. Some of the badges are to be achieved from the work and activities you do at Scouts whilist others are achievable from what work you do outside of Scouting. For some of the badges available to do outside of Scouting please check the resources page to find downloadable packs containing information on how these badges are achievable and then bring along the evidence to your weekly meeting. If you feel you may have completed any badge in or outside of scouting and it has not been recognised please discuss it with a leader. Listed below are all the badges available to gain as a Scout and where they should be sewn onto on your shirt.

Scout's Badge Positions

Scout's Badge Postions

Scout Badges

(Badges with a * can be achieved outside of scouting)
Activity Badges
Activity Plus Activity Plus Activity Badge
Administrator Administrator Activity Badge
Advance Aviation Skills Advance Aviation Skills Beaver Activity Badge
Advance Nautical Skills Advance Nautical Skills Activity Badge
Aeronautics Aeronautics Activity Badge
Air Researcher Air Researcher Activity Badge
Air Spotter Air Spotter Activity Badge
Angler Angler Activity Badge
Artist Artist Activity Badge
Arts Enthusiast Arts Enthusiat Activity Badge
Astonautics Astronautics Activity Badge
Astronomer Astronomer Activity Badge
Athletics Athletics Activity Badge
Athletics Plus Athletics Plus Activity Badge
Aviation Skills Aviaation Activity Badge
Basic Aviation Skills Basic Aviation Activity Badge
Basic Nautical Skills Basic Nautical Skills Activity Badge
Camp Cook Camp Cook Activity Badge
Camper Camper Activity Badge
Campsite Service Campsite Service Activity Badge
Caver Caver Activity Badge
Chef Chef Activity Badge
Circus Skills Circus Skills Activity Badge
Climber Climber Activity Badge
Communicator Communicator Activity Badge
Craft Craft Activity Badge
Cyclist Cyclist Activity Badge
D.I.Y D.I.Y Activity Badge
Dinghy Sailor Dinghy Sailor Activity Badge
Dragon Boating Dragon Boating Activity Badge
Electronics Electronics Activity Badge
Entertainer Entertainer Activity Badge
Equestrian Equestrian Activity Badge
Fire Saftey Fire Saftey Activity Badge
Forester Forester Activity Badge
Global Conservation Global Conservation Activity Badge
Guide Guide Activity Badge
Heritage Heritage Activity Badge
Hiker Hiker Activity Badge
Hill Walker Hill Walker Activity Badge
Hobbies Hobbies Activity Badge
Instructor Instructor Activity Badge
Interpreter Interpreter Activity Badge
Librarian Librarian Activity Badge
Lifesaver* Lifesaver Activity Badge
Martial Arts* Martial Arts Activity Badge
Master at Arms Master at Arms Activity Badge
Mechanic Mechanic Activity Badge
Meteorologist* Meteorologist Activity Badge
Model Maker* Model Maker Activity Badge
My Faith My Faith Activity Badge
Naturalist Naturalist Activity Badge
Nautical Skills Nautical Skills
Navigator Navigator Activity Badge
Orienteer Orienteer Activity Badge
Paddle Sports Paddle Sports Activity Badge
Parascending Parascending Activity Badge
Photographer Photographer
Physical Recreation* Physical Recreation Activity Badge
Pioneer Pioneer Activity Badge
Power Coxswain Power Coxswain Activity Badge
Public Relations Public Relations Activity Badge
Pulling Pulling Activity Badge
Quartermaster Quartermaster Activity Badge
Smallholder* Smallholder
Snowsports Snowsports Activity Badge
Sports Enthusiast* Sports Enthusiast Activity Badge
Street Sports* Street Sports
Survival Skills Survival Skills Activity Badge
Water Sports* Water Sports
World Faiths World Faiths
Writer* Writer Activity Badge
Challenge Awards
Chief Scouts Gold Chief Scout Gold Challenge Award
Adventure Adventure Challenge Award
Community Community Challenge Award
Creative Creative Challenge Awards
Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Challenge Award
Expedition Expedition Challenge Award
Fitness Fitness Challenge Award
Global Global Challenge Award
Outdoor Outdoor Challenge Award
Outdoor Plus Outdoor Plus Challenge Award
Promise Promise Challenge Award
Staged Activity Badges
Emergency Aid Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Hikes Away Hikes Away Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Information Technology Information Technology Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Musician* Musician Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Nights Away Nights Away Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Swimmer* Swimmer Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Partnership Awards
Environment Environment Partnership Award
Faith Faith Partnership Award
International International Partnership Award



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